Fixated on the prefixes.

First things, first, a very happy new year everyone! It's been a while, right? A long-due post, today I am writing on magical letters. No I am reeling under the effects of alcohol from the new year celebration. (Teetotaler here!) And I certainly did not consume any magic mushrooms. Promise. I am talking about letters … Continue reading  Fixated on the prefixes.


You might be using apostrophe the wrong way!

Apostrophes are the most misused of all punctuation marks. Okay, okay maybe exclamation marks and commas take the first and second positions. But wrong usage of apostrophe really gives me grief. I have this Facebook friend who writes amazingly good short stories in 100 words or less. He has incredible writing skills. Seriously. I was … Continue reading You might be using apostrophe the wrong way!